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Iron Stem - Pampa Grass- Set of 3 Stems

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🌾 Iron Stems Pampa Grass Bundle: Elevate your decor with our Iron Stems Pampa Grass, a must-have for those seeking to add warmth and sophistication to their spaces. As the latest trend of 2022, this bundle is available in three sought-after colors, ensuring it complements a variety of interiors.

πŸ“ Specifications:

  • Height: A majestic 5 FT.
  • Quantity: Each set boasts 3 premium, full-bodied stems, designed for longevity with minimal fallout.

🌍 A World of Pampas: Our dedication to quality has led us to curate a diverse range of Pampas and Bunny tails from around the globe. With a spectrum ranging from soft pinks and crisp whites to earthy browns and serene blues, our collection captures the essence of nature's beauty.

🏑 Interior Elegance: Pampas has become an iconic element in modern interior design, seamlessly blending with rustic and boho themes. Let your space resonate with the timeless charm of our Iron Stems Pampa Grass.

Iron Stem - Pampa Grass- Set of 3 Stems
5 Feet - 3 stems / Premium Iron red Stem - $27.00
  • 5 Feet - 3 stems / Premium Iron red Stem - $27.00
  • 5 Feet - 3 stems / Premium Iron White Stem - $19.00
  • 5 Feet- 3 stems / Premium Iron Brown Stem - $22.00

Customer Reviews

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Nina P.
loved them.

such an eye catching colour and unique for pampas.....!

Minimal shedding

I was very concerned about the shedding of these pampas but I was shocked with their quality.

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