Flowers on Horn 5D– Chic Collezione

Flowers on Horn 5D

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Crystal Porcelain 5d Diamond Wall art -

Size : 60 x 120 cm 
( Ready to hang )

This is the most luxurious of them all. The acrylic diamonds give a very upscale look to your bedroom, and living room or can easily become the centre of attraction of your beautiful apartment or floor. It is 3 dimensional in real but as the shape of the diamond, it feels as if it’s a 5-dimensional art, diamond embedded dazzling. ( acrylic crystal diamond ). It’s the most Upscale product on the market today.
Flowers on Horn 5D
23.6In X 47.2In - $136.00
  • 23.6In X 47.2In - $136.00

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