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Planters / Baskets

Planters / Baskets

These beautiful Baskets Have Stolen The Hearts of Home Designers and Bonsai Lovers Around the World.
Unique and rustic in nature, this hand stitched basket is an ideal planter for housing a faux tree of your choice.

If you're into boho, minimalist or clean lines, you'll love this planter that brings neutral color and straight lines to any home that needs a soft, bare touch. Pair in a corner that needs a boho, sunny addition and Your Home will Become as Lively and Natural as You Want It To Be....

* Size: Available in 2 different size- Small (Approx 9.5 inches) & Large (Approx 11.5 inches). Both have an opening of 7-8 inches Approx.
*Material: seagrass, wicker, straw, rattan woven style
*Jute rope planter is perfect for multipurpose use in different place.
*Woven meticulously, very strong and durable.
*Woven planter is soft like cloth but sturdy like wire or wicker rattan. The bottom of planter is flat and round in the shape.
*Durable handles are easy to move and take away
Add this simple embellishment in your house to brighten up your daily life.
NOTE: The basket is folded when shipping, it will turn back to its elegant shape when you stuff up it with some towels or blanket.

Woven , Seagrass , Storage

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WIDE Stripe Planter
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Beige Tassel
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Beige Double Tassel
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Waves Planter
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Beige Wide Tassel
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Color Bold
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Natural Woven Basket
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